Fletcher Hancock Dyer, age 22, was lost too soon in a

motorcycle accident in Johnson City, TN on November 5,

2009. As an artist and graphic designer, Fletcher created

works that addressed social and political issues thus exposing

injustices through visual means. Fletcher was always curious

and aware of current events; he experimented in innovative

ways to create works that investigate contemporary social

issues. New, unexpected ideas and perspectives had unique

ways of coming to the surface as a result of Fletcher’s

creative means of rattling cages. Fletcher’s work embodies

a purposeful, deliberate perspective of his personal endeavor

to employ art as social commentary. The exhibition aims to

continue and advance his endeavor for politically and socially

motivated art.


A son of equally socially-engaged artist and lawyer, Fletcher

was a senior in the Department of Art and Design at East

Tennessee State University (ETSU) under the Bachelor of Fine

Arts program with a concentration in Graphic Design. His BFA

exhibition was presented posthumous in April 2010. Shortly

after his death, Fletcher won 5 ADDY awards locally and one

SILVER district ADDY award.